Hardcore Strength by Brian Batcheldor

Hey Brian, I remember reading your first article about Hardcore Strength in August. I was wondering when we will see some articles on training.

I’m interested in knowing your ideas for strength training and its application to sport. I would rather maximize my strength than train for hypertrophy. Although, it would be nice to be as strong as an ox and gain some muscle with it!

So when can we expect to see some training articles? Thanks!

We have Hardcore Strength Part II from Brian and will post it soon. I believe it will be a three parter at least.

Brian has been traveling a lot lately, but I think he submitted some articles to Chris Shugart or TC a while ago that hasn’t appeared here on t-mag yet. Shugart or TC: Am I correct? I have a powerlifting cycle for bench by Brian which I can post for those interested…

Yes, Brian has sent us part II and we’re waiting on part III. Part II should be posted soon.

Thanks for the update! I’ll be looking forward to seeing parts
II and III soon.

Borge please post the routine I for one would be highly interested.