hamstring vs. quads

Is there a way to test if your hamstrings are up to par, either strength-wise or developmentally? Is there a strength ratio that can be employed (ie leg curls vs extensions)? peace, RM

I think Ian talks about this in the current issue of t-mag.

There is really not a weight room test you can use to assess this as the hamstrings function differently at different speeds than the quadriceps. One of the best tests I know is to run a series of max sprints. If you feel your quadriceps working when you sprint then your hams are too weak for your quads.

However I failed to mention you can compare balances between hip extension movements which are posterior chain dominant (glutes, hamstrings, lower back) and quad dominant movements (front squat). One simple way to do this (if you consistently perform these exercises) is to compare your front squat max poundage to a power snatch max poundage. Ideally you’d want your power snatch at 65% of your front squat. To assess direct hamstring strength related to your bodyweight try out the old fashioned glute/ham raise as detailed in Coach Davies articles. If you can do a full glute/ham raise from the ground up without any help than I would think you have plenty of hamstring strength relative to your bodyweight. Keep in mind strength, speed-strength, and power are different so just because you have enough strength in your hamstrings doesn’t necessarily mean they function well at high speeds. (sprints, power snatch). Hope this helps!