Guys, I’m trying to get some info on halotestin but there isn’t much that I’ve been able to find. I’d like to know what class it would be considered and if the best way to use it would be as a pre-workout tool. I’ve heard too many bad things about its toxicity to want to use it as one of the main drugs in a cycle so I guess my main question is will it increase focus and aggression during a workout enough to be worthwhile.

I have used it. It increases aggression a little…increases strength alot. Don’t expect much weight gain on a cycle. It is more a strength drug as opposed to a BB drug.

JRR, in what way and at what dose did you use it? Did you use it as a main component of your cycle or just as an adjunct to your cycle? You say it increases aggression a little. What daily activities clued you in on this?

I stacked the Halotestin with 1000mg of Test. Enanthate. I used both for three weeks, then just the Test. for the final two weeks of the cycle. The typical dose is 20mg/day. Halotestin (Stenox) comes in 2.5mg tablets. I took four in the AM and four in the PM. The max recommended dosage is 30mg/day I believe. Since it is an oral, and harder on the liver, as I said, I only used for three weeks. As far as aggression, I think it was more that I was gaining strength pretty quick and was “fired up” about that. I have an “explosive” personality to begin with…the Halotestin did not aggravate that. “Roid rage” is blown out of proportion. If you let a situation get out of control, the steroids may cause you to react a little more irrationally. You shouldn’t be smacking people around though at the drop of a hat.

I used halo and I would not recomend it. It is way too toxic. It is rumored to give off huge strenght gains but I did not find that to be true. there are much better things out there.

It is toxic…that is the reason to use it for a minimum part of the cycle. The two other “strength” drugs are Oxandralone and Tren. Acetate (Finaplix). Oxandralone is damn expensive and you really need to inject Tren. to get enough of the drug in the system. Finasol works, but not enough potency. If you decide on Tren., then you need to get it already prepared (very expensive), or use a kit.

I don’t know because I’ve never used it,
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