Hack Squats

When doing hack squats should i use 45lb plates or use 25lb plates to get extra range of motion?

I think someone could work those hack squats just like deadlifts (deadlifts for the quads I guess). So one could do partials, like from the knees, etc or do them off blocks (or with 25’s instead of 45’s). With a greater ROM the VM would probably get worked even more.

Goldberg - Good thinking on your part. Being only
5 foot 7 1/2 inches, I have been exclusively using
smaller plates (35’s or 25’s) on all of my deadlifting
movements (conventional - sumo - romanian) for years. (I do this in order to obtain a greater range of motion.) Since reading Coach Davies “Forgotten Squats” article a month ago, I, too, have introduced, or in my case reintroduced BB hacks into my workout.
I have been using the 35’s all along with tremendous
success. I started working out with 135 lbs for 3 sets
of 8 reps and have progressed to 185 lbs for 4 sets
of 6 reps. Instead of moving up to a heavier weight, I’m going to start using plates no larger than the 25’s on the bar and start going for even greater range of motion.

Goldberg, You, on the other hand, are much taller than I am so the 35 pound plates would give you plenty enough range. Any questions, feel free to ask! - Joey Z.

I’ve been doing them with 45’s on a 6"high box. They are a killer and I need a spot on each set - (it’s hard as hell to keep your knees going way past your toes on this one). I think it’s my favorit exercise now - even though people laugh at me when I do’m.