Gym Closed Christmas

It would appear that my gym, 24 Hour Fitness, will be closed on Christmas. This is bad news. I want to train on Christmas day. Is there anyone that’s living in the Los Angeles area aware of any gyms that may be open? Thanks!


My gym is closed from Dec 26th - Dec 30th. They are doing a remodel, so I have drive about an hour to another location. Oh well, might as well get the workouts in before all the New Years resolution people join up and invade the gym.

Ahh, just give yourself a rest and chill out. A day off won’t hurt you.

I haven’t trained in two weeks and will try to stay out of the gym for two more.

Time off is good.

If you do plan on training, I’m sure Gold’s Venice, or Gold’s Angel City will be open. That might be too much of a drive depending on where you are.

Maybe the Hollywood Boxing Club? That’s an alright gym.

You can try a JCC (Jewish Community Center) in LA. I’m sure they will be open.

Great ideas all around guys, thanks. I actually go to school mighty close to Venice, but have never taken a look at Gold’s over there, nor have I ever eaten at the notorious “Firehouse.” Appreciate the advice, I’ll call 'em tomorrow and ask them what’s up!


dude, it’s Christmas…have a cheat day and enjoy your holiday lol :slight_smile:

Wow, this is crazy. Take a day off!

I’m using christmas as an excuse to take 3 weeks off and eat really bad food. I don’t think I’ve taken in even 100g protein/day over the last week and a half. I’m actually eating cheese cake as I type this and quite enjoying myself.

Same deal Magnus; well, almost.

So far, two weeks off and trying for two more weeks off. Diet is well, not great. I am trying to at least eat clean most of the time and then eat what I want whenever I want it.

I am trying to ignore the fact that I feel flat, smaller, and fatter.

It’s Christmas!

Why don’t you sit back and enjoy the day with your family or friends?

Or if your that bored, go to the hospital and walk through the Cancer Department and see how good you really have it.

Christmas is about family and sharing, not the gym.

Don’t be so anal. I was like that at it begins to eat away at you.


Sorry to disapoint you but the Firehouse fucking sucks. All hype. I’ve had better food at IHOP/Denny’s.

That is all.

Well, I liked the Firehouse.

jesus, is it ok for a man to train on christmas if he feels like it?

Ive never understood the obsession with the Firehouse either…

If im looking for some bodybuilder-friendly food, i like “Toast” a heck of a lot better. Plus, i can be a tough guy in that place…not like the Firehouse where im the smallest dude there:-).

L.A. area? Perhaps I missed it in an earlier post but that covers a lot of ground. The PowerHouse will be open 12-5 on Christmas Day and you can bet you ass that I will be there.


I’m sorry to hear that. If you ever come back to LA we’ll go get some real food.

the powerhouse in west LA?

Just an FYI, I’m not going anywhere near West Hollywood.

LOL…I hear you on that Thunder.