Gym Closed Christmas

Thunder gets exposed to a couple of bad seeds and now me and greekdawg have to suffer the consequences…

lifes not fair.:slight_smile:

My garage will be open shortly after 5am. It’s colder than shit out there, but I just bought a little space heater that helps a lot. I set it in the corner by the power rack. Just wear some heavy sweats, and bring gloves if you have some.

Come by early, I need to get back inside before the kids wake up. The right side of the garage door doesn’t close tight, so just watch for some light leaking out and knock lightly.

“jesus, is it ok for a man to train on christmas if he feels like it?”


Take the day off, dammit, it’s Christmas.


My gym is closed from Dec23 to Jan 3. But I’ve known this for some time, as have the rest of our lifting club. Now, because we were aware of this impending closure (strange: I’ve noticed it happens every year) we plan our training around it. This usually entails going for a max in the SQ / BP /DL or any combination. So there you have it - max out then rest.

Old Dax