I am 53 year old man who lifts hard twice per week (this is the only time I have) and have hit a flat point- no growth. I have tried all the suppliments to no avail. Any suggestions to help me?

Let us know what exercises you are using, what tempo, reps, sets, et cetera so we can get a more accurate view of your training. There are so many options to try even with two days a week of training. Your training plateau is going to be the result of one of two things: failure to create a stimulus for growth and improper recovery from exercise sessions (including diet, rest, rest weeks etc). Give us a bit more info and I’m sure we’ll be able to help you out!

How often do you change workout style? Try a new stimulus.

There are two reasons: 1) Diet 2) Training stimulus (or lack thereof). We need more info to help you out. Fill in the details.

I think the guys who already responded have it it. Interested to know what you’ve been doing and for how long. Change is good. Try an Ian King workout or German Volume Training. And eat for GrowtH :slight_smile: