Groin and Hip Mobility

I am doing the Agile 8 daily for about a week ( I know Rome wasn’t built in a day), but my groin and hip area is really tight and not flexible. Any other routines I can add into my warm-up?


Be patient.

Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Hang out in a squat for progressively longer periods, day-to-day.

Thomas stretch.

Thread-the-needle, half pigeon, and a slowly rocking frog pose.


No offence, but if he can’t get loose from agile 8 and a good work out, then he needs a pt or a year of just yoga 7 days a week.

None taken.

I think there’s probably a middle ground, though, between agile 8 and a good work out and a year of yoga 7 days a week.

If this does not get better you should also get checked for impingement. i thought i hsd the same problem but turns out i have FAI and need surgery to shave down bone. I dont mean to scare you but when stretching and foam rolling dont fix tightness and irritation it is probably time to visit a professional. Give yourself more time though before taking that step.

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Doesn’t always get back to 100% after surgery either I had the op last year shaved bone and reattached cartilage and I have trouble with clicking and stretching, although I am pain free which is the most important thing