Great Training Site

I just want to remind all of you newbies how fortunate we all are to have such a great training site available to us!

In my opinion T-Nation has the finest cutting edge information available anywhere on the net, or in magazines.

So, what’s my point in posting this? Just this: Be appreciative, and above all loyal! If you need some protein powder give Grow! a try, it’s great tasting and made from the finest ingredients.

When you post a message on the forum remember to respect others. Try to treat them as you would like to be treated yourself. Sometimes we don’t agree on one particular issue, but I think you can disagree without being disagreeable. I learn new things every week from this site and I try to share as much as I can of my own experiences either through posting or helping many who PM me.

I was not asked to post this message, it’s just that some of you twenty something guys have no idea how hard it was to find such high quality information back in the 70’s and 80’s. When you see something like T-Nation you respect it and remain loyal!

If there is ever anything that I can do as far as training assistance you only need to ask, PM me.

Best To All Of You,


I have to agree with you ZEB. T-mag has been a Godsend. I’ve learned an incredible amount of useful training/nutrition info since the beginning, and I’m one of the lucky ones that was here when T-mag first got started and the first forums were up and running (although, I didn’t use them until a few months later).

The great thing is that there have been so many new “discoveries” and findings over the past several years that things I used to know, preach and apply, are no longer relevant. So there is always more to learn and many reasons why there is “no best way.”

Charles Polquin mentioned in “The Poliquin Principles” that information changes every 18 months. I’ve found this to be true over the years, and I can see it when reading past issues and comparing them to new issues.

No other place has the amount of information or the best strength coaches and nutritionists writing article after article. We are quite fortunate.

I was also lucky enough to attend the first Biotest/T-mag seminar in Orlando in 2000. It was an incredible event and a great learning experience. And I’ve made great gains since then (despite recent injuries holding me back).

I only wish T-mag had been around when I first started training. It would have saved me nearly 6-7 years of spinning my wheels and not getting the results I wanted.

We are fortunate. Thanks guys!

Chris Shugart, TC, Tim Patterson, Joe DeFranco, Chad Waterbury, John Berardi, Lonnie Lowery, Christian Thibadeau, Don Alessi, John Davies, Charles Staley and all the other coaches, nutritionists and writers rock!

I second that. Or third it rather. Great job guys. Nate left off Dave Tate so I’ll make sure he gets his honorable mention

I agree, this site really is great. I have really learned a lot from the days of 12-10-8 reps back in high school. There’s so much information here that it almost makes my brain explode (in a good way).

To-Shin Do

What a toady.

Just kidding with ya. :slight_smile:

Just found this topic today and yes T-Nation is by far the best source of info I have found on the web. I can’t get over how much info there is here and it keeps coming.

Yes this site is vey very good and I am learning much! Thanks to every writer!