Good Morning Exercise Help

Can anyon please tell me if I am doing my good morning properly. I tried to follow one of the pictures on this site although there was no side view so it was hard to tell, i tried to go off the description…

Basically, i try to keep my legs straight and move my torso down as a stick my ass outward, my back is arched whily my stomatch hangs out. When I do this i feel a stretch in my hamstrings and slight pain in my lowerback. Are those the regions this exercise is suppose to work or am i executing this improperly. I don’t feel much on the hamstrings just a slight strain…

Please help…

I prefere to have my legs bent a little bit and DON’T let your stomach just “hang out”. Flexing your abs will help stabilize the torso.

Step by step.

  1. Set the safetypins in the power rack to the level of your bellybotton.
  2. Unrack the weight.
  3. Flex your abs, bend your legs a little bit, arch your back and stick your ass back.
  4. When the bar touch the safetypins, lift and repete.

When doing GMs, don’t try to lean forward, concentrate on sticking your ass as far back as you can. Sounds strange but it makes it easier to do the right.

Also, if you have a mirror infront of you, look youself in the eyes the whole time. That will help you keeping your back arched. DO NOT look down.

Last, don’t go to heavy, learn good technique before you start loading on a lot of plates;-)
GMs are very good if performed correct but they can also screw you up for life if you let your EGO decide!!

LOL that helps out a bit. Thanks. Only 1 prob. I don’t have a powerrack in my gym. Only a squat rack and an adam smith…how would one do this on a squat rack…

Hey Asim,

Here’s a link that might help you: Big Dave Tate describes the good morning really good and shows a side picture. Just click the q&a tab and then click on the exercise index, scroll down and voila GM!!

You don’t really need a power rack to do GM’s. You can do them anywhere as long as you have a barbell and a place to set the weight down when you are finished with the set.

Like Mr. Moose said you don’t need alot of weight right now. Once you get your form right then you can progressively start loading the bar.

What exactly do you mean by pain in your lower back? Doing any exercise in front of a mirror = negative feedback. If you need it just to make sure you got it right the first few times then do it but get away from it as soon as possible. Better to check form in mirror between sets and commit it to memory then do that same form in your mind with your work weight.

not pain…but strain…the same you would feel if you were doing a lower back exercise…Yeah the squat rack is infront of a mirror but it does help me keep the bar balanced although I am facing the mirror so I cannot see myself from a sideview. Based on the previous posts and the link…i think i got the form pretty close…but i will reduce the weight more just to make sure I do not add pressure on my back…

Asim, just face the other way in the squat rack so that you are away from the mirror. Front or side view the mirror is bad. By looking in the mirror you are using your eyes to give you feedback. You want to use proprioception to give you feedback.

For example as you begin the movement (facing away from the mirror) you are able to tell whether your back is arched, not arched, knees bent, knees straight, when to stop the movement and begin concentric movement. So basically know how your body feels during the movement by nervous system feedback and not visually. Make sense?