Golf and Weight Lifting

Serious question here. Love to lift but also love to play golf. Just as I don’t like to look like an ass at the gym, it seems I am finding all too often my lifting is wreaking havoc with my swing. Does anyone here have any suggestions to perhaps lessen the impact weight lifting has on my golf game?

Any insight is appreciated.

Paul Chek & Matt Furey both have programs designed for golfers. I don’t golf but I have found some of their other stuff to be worthwhile. I think you can find the golfing info on their websites.

If you are like me, and play mostly on the weekends, then at the end of the week, like thursday and friday do back and leg workouts, and at the beginning of the week, do chest, shoulders, arms etc…that way you wont be stiff and impede your swing. though the size you put on does detract from your limberness

Thanks for your help guys.

I heard somewhere that tiger woods can bench a lot of weight and that he works out a lot. It could just be your swing, everyone has trouble playing golf and getting a solid swing down!

Check this out:

The myth that you lose flexibility because of weight training is bullshit. Flexibility is lost due to the lack of stretching. I’ve added about 80 pounds of muscle to my frame in the last 9 years and it has only improved my golf game. The only time lifting may have an effect on me is if my legs are overly sore, but I use a golf cart anyway. I prefer to get my workout in the gym, not the course!

I agree, I was once told you get to big and you can’t golf, well my game hasn’t been affected at all by size. Just make sure you loosen up first. I usually hit some balls on the range starting lightly with the wedge and slowly working my way through the bag with my driver being last as I loosen up.

Fred is right Tiger can bench 1 1/2 x his body weight but he is an amzing athlete and is not bulky - superlean. I would tend to go legs Friday to help any DOMS that may affect you.

I’ve never noticed a problem with lifting hindering golfing, obviously if you’re sore from a previous workout, then yeah, your golfing will suffer. That said, I used to stop by the driving range on the way home from the gym and EASILY hit the ball an average of 25 yards farther!!