Glutamine recs

What is the concensus on glutamine dosages? I know that 20-25 grams are needed to see any effect whatsoever, but I have a few questions for you guys.
should the 25 grams be taken all at once? empty stomach? before or after workout?
Should the 25 grams be divided up in 5 gram servins on empty stomach throughout the day? Does taking Gluatmine on an empty stomach even matter? thanks guys!

JD, Ive been following the instructions on Coach Davies magazine and taking on empty stomach between meals with my bcaa and the results are unreal! Using 40 grams a day though.

JD, a glutamine/BCAA is a potent combo. WHat I’d like to stress is that you don’t take it all at once … partition it throughout the day.

If you’re just taking glutamine, take it with a little sparkling water and a little sodium. Most important times would be when you first wake up approx. 20 min. before your first meal, pre/post workout and right before bed.

It depends on how much of it you want to take and how much you can afford. For the biggest bang for the buck use large doses (10-20 grams) before and after your workout. For additional benefits use about 5 grams in between meals and on an empty stomach before retiring at night.

Thanks guys! I am currently 6’3, 260 lbs at 32 years old. I want to get back down to a cut 225 - 230… I am doing a fat/fast diet only adding a zero carb meal (tuna, eggs) at night. I know high doages of Glutamine has muscle sparing effects. I have taken Glutamine befofre @ 20 -25 grams a day. Should I up the dose to 40 grams per day? Does Glutamine cause much water retention at that dosage?

Hey Ronnie, I’m interested in knowing what your results are. What exactly does incredible results mean?