Glutamine absorption?

With all this talk about glutamine here, it made me wonder what the best way to suck it down was? I read here before that simply with a glass of water, which I have been doing so on a empty stomach. But, would it be better with warm green tea or warm water like creatine make the absorption faster???

A web site on L-glutamine said:
Take up to 10g (pill form with water or whatever) per day, spread out through the day.
It’s a non-essential essential amino acid…(!) included in small amounts in many creatine products.
Seems to work for me at the high dose building Rome one brick at a time.
With this frequent dosing, I don’t worry about absorption, maybe I should…

i have hear of l-glutamine in diet soda…

There’s been a lot of talk wether you actually use any significant amount of glutamine or your gut acids and bacterium chew it up? Any new info on the absorbtion of this amibo acid?