GH for the first time

I am going to try GH for the first time. I get so many mixed opinions tho. Is there a right way? A best way? Or more opinons? I want to hear them all.

I am a small bodybuilder, 5’4, 190# about 10% I’ve competed nationally, I know how to eat and train. Here’s a mix of what I was told to do and what I was planning along with, please please help.

In accompanyment I was thinking about soing a “grammabol” type cycle. I would use a mix of omnadren and enthanate, week 2 I would use this mixup to 800 mg, the other 200mg was thinking about using some Winny V.

Week 3 I would start the GH, also adding an Anadrol to the mix. I was told first week take GH 3 times a day, morning, before train, before bed. 6IU total. After first week just take on training days.

Plan to use the GH for 4-8 weeks and sta on juice for about 12 weeks then taper down for 2 weeks, using clomid the whole time as suggested.

Some ppl say that’s too much GH, my other friend says any less is a waste. What do you think? How about in terms of safety?

Some say you must take insulin, others say no? What do you think? If so any specific amount? How often? (I have used insulin before so I know how to eat and use in terms of safety. What I was doing was 7-10days straight, 2X7-11 IU a day, then on training days 10 IU in Am and 10 IU after I train.)

Thanks for your help, I am eager to get going but wanna be sure to do it right.

I was also told to take T3 as well, is this necessary when it’s being used in the offseason?? Why?