getting some

I have a question for you all…if u have a female friend that is hot but you are not dating, how do you go about getting some?
assuming that they are possibly attracted to you, but you do not want to date them

Cougar, u are an a-s-s-h-o-l-e…
If she really was ur female FRIEND, u wouldn’t screw her like that… UNLESS SHE LIKES THAT… IN WHICH CASE SHE WOULD’VE made a move on u a long timago. . . Most respectable women aren’t into one-night-stands; anyways, after that one night things wil get shaky, i mean, how would u treat each other???
IT’S UP TO U – do what u think is right

As to approaching her, I guess u gotta sweet talk her - which would make u a lier - since u wouldn’t mean any of the things u said… u that afraid of commitment??? -wataman… REALLY

Jade, that reply was the biggest clusterfuck I have ever attempted to read. Repeat after me, sentence fragments are bad!

HAHA, i am fortunate enough to have several female friends that are horny at all times and are very open minded if ya know what i mean. One of them tried to give me head on several different occasions (tried being the key word here, i told her to and I quote “get the fuck away from me”). If this girlfriend is someone like the above stated people then there is absolutely nothing wrong with railing the shit out of her. But if she expects some type of emotionial shit then don’t even think about doing it because the will be really hurt and your friendship will be over. Aight, thats all i got, tata, ~PorchDawg

Margaritas at a restaurant, (definately not a bar or dance club, too many distractions and competition) rent a few movies, go back to your or her place to watch them, have a few more cocktails, but not too many, spice up the convo, establish physical contact in some way, and go for it.

Uh, you don’t. Jade’s right. Sounds like you’re a little shy on the brains and decency side. Grow up.

My point is, I have bumped into a few girls that I was real “friendly with”, and have heard more than once, FROM THEM, “how come we never hooked up?” Just as your eye floats and wonders, so do women’s, and they have the same or more insecurities. What would be worse a “NO” or a few years from now, you hear a “I woulda” or not knowing at all? for me, I’d rather get a no NOW, then be left wondering.

Dude, there are alot of girls that want sex with no strings attached.

That is just about THE most difficult move you can pull. That is, turning a female friend into a fuck buddy. It’s already hard enough making a girl-who-is-a friend a girlfriend. It’s because of the fact that most of the time, the relationship one sets up the beginning will how it will always be. But OTOH…

The good news is that if your female friend is hot looking, you can have her function as a “decoy” of sorts. You know how duck hunters take along their decoys and set 'em up so that the real ducks will feel safe when they fly by and land there thinking it’s cool to be there since there are other ducks? That is the same kinda shit here. You bring along your hot looking girl-who-is-a-friend and use her as a decoy for other hot women at your local meat market bar. Other chicks will wonder whats up with the guy with the hot chick and they’ll want some of that. Just hit on other hot chicks in front of your decoy as she is just-a-friend anyways. If your “decoy friend” has any interest in you, she’ll get all jealous and pissed off and SHE will hit on you and you might end up “getting some”… from decoy-friend as well as the new chicks too!! :slight_smile:

i had a situation like this before. we were definitely sexually interested in one another (must have made 10 sex comments a day to each other for months) and somewhat interested in something more. well, i invited her over a few times to hang out with me and some friends of mine. previous to this we had given each other lapdances at a party, so the sexual tension was building. anyhow, one time when we were drinking with some of my friends at my apartment, i offered to show her some photos i had, which happened to be in my room. we kissed and all, but that was it that time. the next week she surprised me be coming over unexpectedly. and that night we went at it (she brought a lesbian friend with her that time, and that time only) we had sex for a little over a month after that. i stopped calling her for the booty calls (partially because i felt i was just using her, and i knew she was more interested in a relationship with me than i was with her). we remained friends afterwards (maturity on her part and my being always described as a nice guy, so i guess i am). in fact i’ve talked with her alot since then and helped her through some tough times. the sexual tension has always been there and we can talk to each other for hours on end. when on the phone i end up having to hang up because my phone battery is about to die!! like i said the sexual tension is always there. plus the fact that we both know sex with each other is awesome. so there has been another buildup for a while. so last week she “stayed over.” funny thing is i know she still likes me alot, but i get the feeling that now I’M the one more interested in being boyfriend/girlfriend- after having gotten to know her better.
just needed to vent and tell my story. anyway- basically my advice is this- hang out with her a few times amongst friends, all the while flirting and making flattering sexual and nonsexual comments. find a way to get her alone for a little while and kiss her. if sparks fly, great. if not, move on.

well i remember a seinfeld episode where jerry and elaine tried exactly this, and it didnt work out to well.

Is there a girl you like and you don’t know how to tell her? HERE’S YOUR SOLUTION:

Leisure Town /agilike/index.html

Make sure to get to page 4 and you’ll have your solution.

Amazingly stupid thing to even think of unless you’re 100% sure she wants to screw your brains out and she doesn’t mind not being your girlfriend afterwards. You’re the one assuming that she may be POSSIBLY attracted to you, when in fact, you’re reading it all wrong. If you make a wrong move and offend her, your friendship with her is over.

I had to deal with this kind of situation w/ a guy who assumed that I was attracted to him. I always considered him a buddy and nothing more and had no intention of dating him, much less having sex with him. So afterwards, I terminated the “friendship” because I felt that he was only my “friend” because he wanted to get some, not because he really wanted to be a true friend, and partly because I don’t do one-night stuff.