Getting shredded with MD6

Here’s the bullet:

I’m 5’10", 205-210lbs, 14-18% bodyfat. I’m on a “get shredded” mission. I think most folks think I look good, but, I want to be friggin’s shredded!!!

I’m hitting the gym 3-4 times a week, throwing in 40 minutes of cardio after my workouts. Workout intensity has been good.

I’m also doing: 2x70 sprays of Androsol, 3 ZMA’s before bed, 2 caps of MD6 a day, Protein is at 200+gms per day (2-3 40-60gm whey shakes, 4 egg whites for breakfast, 30gm protein bar for lunch, and a protein based dinner), I’m sucking down plenty of water as well and taking a multi vitamin and 500mg of Vitamin C.

My questions:

  1. My calories are not huge. I’m maintaining the protein but keeping carbs and fat low. Should I up the protein more? I’m not starving or anything.

  2. MD6 is powerful!!! I take 2 caps after breakfast and I’m sweating for hours. It isn’t increasing my heart-rate, but, I’m worried about taking more than just 2 caps a day. Should I be worried? Maybe my worrying is making me over concerned.


Dude, you gotta try the Anabolic Diet. I love it!!! You’ll be shredded in no time. Losing two pounds of fat a week on this diet, you’ll be down to six percent bf in 8-10 weeks…