Getting lean muscle mass help!

Hi guys here I am again. I like my body and my strength is going up. I feel good and train consistent but I know I’m doing conjugate for strength but what’s good rep and set ranges and should I be doing supersets to get lean like this photo . I know it steroid but is there natural way using workout rels and sets to get muscle to pop and lean up by holding muscle mass like thatm thank you. Any program reps and set anything would help. Thank you!

I believe the best course of action is aiming for around 150,000-400,000 reps over the course of a decade and see where you end up. The number of sets can vary based on intensity. Good luck on your journey!

I may sound like a dickhead, which would be a fair assumtion. However, it’s hard for me to believe how serious you’re being… especially with the inclusion of the flex magazine picture and the mention of conjugate. Knowing what conjugate is does not add up to the rest of the question.

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Not forgetting, you would need to get rid of everything essential in your life, in order to prioritize bodybuilding, diet and PEDs only. A simple way into disaster. Btw, would you really like to have that GH-belly?

How about reading up on different lifting strategies, and trying some proven programs for a couple of months at a time? THIS is a strategy that will benefit you long term. Accept your genetical abilities. Lift heavy weights with consistency aside other more important priorities.

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You need to build this muscle first. Why don’t you post a pic.

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Your right and thank you!

Actually he has in another thread.


sorry i know im everywhere. i love my size and strength. just wish conjugate program got you leaner but ill take it.

Saw the multiple threads. Looks like he is a bigger guy but very soft.

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If you need to get leaner, diet is your variable. Keep training however you want


No program will get you leaner. This is up to your diet. You need to prioritize your goals.
Do you ant to grow?
Do you want to get lean?
Why don’t you detail what your diet and training looks like.
Asking generic questions will get you generic answers.


Any sample diet you have

I am and that’s why I wanna harden up

So you need to tailor your diet to fat loss.
High protien/mod fat/mod carb


To gain mass on Conjugate use sets of 5-6 on Max Effort day. And be sure to hit the Big muscles like lats, hips and quads for multiple sets with your Repetition Effort work.

If you want to get really crazy, you can do Post Exhaust super sets on Max Effort day. Like you’re working up in sets of 5 on a squat or dead variation. And after each set you do a single joint move for extra volume. Maybe leg extensions between sets of squats or pulldowns between sets of deadlifts.

To get lean on Conjugate decrease rest times between sets of Dynamic Effort work each week. And if you use supersets for your Repetition work, shorten the rest times between supersets week to week as well. Short rests should Theoretically produce lots of Lactic Acid to burn off fat reserves.


Garbage “diet”

how would you make it better?

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Elimination “diet” of red meat, salt and water for around 90 days. Then titrate in other macros until you find the sweet spot. I’ve seen this approach work miracles brother. takes discipline and willpower but it’s worth it


Really! What’s sample diet for bodybuilder look for that!

Brother thank thank you thank you!!! I’ve been going heavy elss rest but haven’t done like super set because I don’t know I could. Any sample workout plan for me. What it looks like. And thank you!