Getting Beyond a Plateau

Been awhile since I’ve posted anything on T-Nation, but I’m back for a little bit of help. As a quick summary of my changes recently, I started working out and dieting well about a year and a half ago. I started out at a fat and chubby 225 pounds at 5’11". Through various T-Nation training routines and diets I’ve gotten myself down to around 175 pounds.

I’ve maintained the muscle that I had before, which obviously wasn’t a lot, but it’s more than your average 20-25 year old walking around. With my shirt off you can tell I’ve been to the gym once or twice before.

Anyway, I’ve been at this weight for probably a good month or two now and can’t seem to get down any further. I’m no longer fat by any means, but my midsection is still “soft”. If I flex I can definitely feel my abs are hard, but I have to get through a small layer of fat to feel that. My quads are pretty much the same way.

I’ve been using Waterbury’s Real Fat Fast Loss for the past couple weeks and combined it with a diet based on Berardi’s methods. I’ve ditched 50 pounds over the last year and a half, so I have an idea of how to structure a diet, but for whatever reason I can’t seem to get beyond this point. I suppose my goal at this point is to try and get down below 10% body fat. I’m not sure where I’m at presently, but I’d guess I can’t be too far away. Any help on what I could try would be appreciated.

By the way, I realize I’m relatively light at 175 and looking to get lighter, but that’s how I want it. My main focuses right now are hockey and rock climbing, and I don’t need extra mass for either (especially rock climbing). Down the road I may look at adding more muscle, but at this point it’s not in the cards beyond what I need for the above sports.

Thanks guys.

First off congrats on losing the 50 lbs.

For your current problem it would help us if you posted what an average day diet wise would be. If you use Berardi’s outcome based decision making plan say every other week I think you can continue your progress. Make small measurable changes(20 minutes of cardio, 50 less carbs, etc) and see how they pan out for you, if they are a success then stay with them, if not try something else.