Get Big diet

Hey, I’m 15 (16 in a month) and I want to get bigger. I’m 155 lbs, 5’10, and in pretty good shape. However, I need to get big if I’m going to get the women.
I was looking at the get big diet since I’m just starting out, and it’s just far too complex with all the oils, fruits, and other various foods. I can figure it out, I just know i’ll never be able to stick with something that strict. Can anyone give me a simpler version of this that could work for me?
Also, on my workouts, I’m doing the combat training methods with hindu squats, hindu pushups, and back bridges every night, plus some back, leg, and shoulder machines in the gym at school until I get a weight set this christmas.

it doesn’t get much more simplier then the get big, but if you are skinny enough look into “pound’o’week diet” and the “skinny bastard diet”

Great White, any motivation to lift is good, but if you think that getting bigger will get you more women, you’re mistaken. Read some of the articles on the Off-Topic forum and you’ll see what I mean. As for diet, figure out how many calories you’re taking in per day, then bump that up by 350-500 or so. That should allow you to put on weight steadily without too much of it being fat. Good luck.

whoa there turbo. easy does it. You’ve got plenty-o-time. My honest-former-skinny-bastard advice would be: squat, bench, deadlift. Oh, and for that “food” business, I’d say meat, eggs, natural PB, oatmeal and wheat bread. Make sandwiches. Wrap in foil. Put in backpack. eat. And I’d agree with the last post in this string: big does not equal women. see the “off-topic” section (nor, for that matter, does strength… don’t think a big squat will have the ladies falling at your feet either!)

thanks char, I’ll increase my calories like you said. As for the women, I know it’s not the absolute solution, but it can’t hurt my chances with them! They’ll all be my slaves in a few short months, I’m just waiting it out…

Great White Hope, dude there is no simplified version to success. You want big muscles? Then go do what it takes. Take is easy but take it. ~Trance~

Great white- chill… your young. very young. i was 16 a short 6 years ago, and i remember wanting the big muscles like the pretty body builder boys. i did the split routines with 6days on and 1 off, ate only fat free stuff so i wouldnt get fat, did cardio, all that jaz. then i read an article somewhere when i had just turned 18. it totally changed me. you have to build the base first, then add to it. why do you think the pyramids are still here 7000 years later? good base. try sitting a pyramid on its top- it falls over. why? no base. stick with the major movements- deads, dips/bench, squats, rows- those types of compound exercises. none of that one armed behind the head to isolate one head of the tricep crap. it wastes energy and precious nutrients you could be utilizing to build a strong base.
i was ~140 when i turned 18. minimal bodyfat, but also minimal everything else. i put on 25 pounds doing the basics in a little under a year. not that my experience means it is a universal constant. just an isolated success story.
as far as eating. always do it. every few hours. no fast food mcdonalds crap, but good food like these guys suggested. mcdonalds and pizza arent out of the question, you are still a kid and need to live life like one, just dont make them the staple of your diet. good luck!

Fill one big tupperware container with 8 cans tuna or 32 oz chicken breast + 7 Cups rice or 7 cups potatos + 4 tbsp dressing (prefferably olive oil based like good seasons). Simple, easy, effective… Oh yeah and really boring… but it works!
PS this is a rough estimate of caloric need since I don’t know your weight or any other variables. If your getting fat decrease by 20% (ie. a fifth of the container)

Oops I just read your post again and I guess I do know your weight! Sorry. Reduce it by a 25% right off the bat and work empirically from there. Also drink 1 gallon water daily with a multi vitamin in the am. Avoid soda (even diet).

Simple try to eat a lot of high protein foods and fresh wholesome fruits,veggies and grains. For a look at what not to eat look around at what all other kids your age are eating and that’ll give you a pretty good idea what to stay away from. To be more specific for someone in your situation I’d recommend lots of the following foods: eggs, bacon, sausage, lean ground beef, cheese, milk, yogurt, chicken, turkey, fish, oatmeal, cream of wheat, all fruits and veggies, whole wheat bread (in moderation), natural peanut butter, steak, nuts, butter, cream, cottage cheese and protein powder blends. I’d severely limit the intake of white sugar, soft drinks, pastries, pizza, candy, cakes,white bread, chips, pasta and basically anything that comes in a package except for frozen veggies and meats. For junk food you can have pork rinds instead of regular chips and Heavy whipping cream with milk and protein powder as a milkshake. Immediately post workout take a growth/recovery drink such as Surge or a high glycemic meal such as sugar sweetened cereal with protein powder. (Post-workout is the only time a meal like this is allowable).
The goal is to control insulin levels which will control bodyfat levels while getting lots of high quality protein and calories to fuel muscle growth. The rule is if you’re not eating a lot of good food at least every 3 hours you’re not growing! So best of luck