gbl, renewtrient type products

gbl increases rem sleep so that you need less, and when it wears off you wake up and usually have to redose to go back to sleep resulting in great recovery. however, what about when you stop it? you cant sleep at all. how long does this last?

It does not increase REM sleep, it increases Delta sleep (where GH is released), has a low but non-negligible potential for dependance, the cause of insomnia will remain if your masking it with gbl, you need to cure the insomnia first.

And BTW, the generally-claimed effect of
causing short sleep of 3-4 hours, followed
by awakening and feeling extremely refreshed,
does not apply for all individuals. For
some there is no value in terms of feeling
more refreshed if they get up at 3-4 hours,
and will tend to sleep just as long as usual.

It is however one of the better soporific
(sleep-inducing) drugs. It’s unfortunate
that there was so much hysteria about it,
and classification as a controlled substance.
It is not 1/100th the “date rape” drug that
alcohol is.

i could sleep pretty good before but thought this would really increase my sleep ability and recovery so i began it. so i never suffered from insomnia. however im not tired at night now and NOW am really awake inatead. so how can this be rectified?

i too have wondered this. does one just have to suffer the consequences and go a few nights of zero sleep or can you scale back the dose and ween off. ie. full dose 2x/night to 1/2 dose 2x/night to 1/2 once and done? would this have any positive effect or be total waste?

What are some good gbl/1,4 butanediol products? Has anyone tried Enliven? I’ve been having trouble sleeping and thought this sort of product might help. In addition I thought it might be fun to use it recreationally every once in a while (I’m not presently using any other drugs or alcohol). Will this stuff end up making my sleep problems worse?