Gang O Babes Article

I must say I was unhappy to see this on the T-mag website. I have to do all I can to be a “sensitive guy” in Corporate America cause I could get sued if I do not. I frankly don’t care what women want when I am reading T-mag. I am looking for ground breaking workout/diet tips. If I want what chicks dig I would read Cosmo, Maxim, FHM, Playboy, or any other rag devoted to teaching men how to lie cheat and steal their way to a “good” woman.

Before anyone gets up on their soapbox to exalt on my deplorable choice of word and paraphrase I think they should take a moment to consider how many truly manly forums we have left to our names in this “You can’t say that world”. “They might sue”. They mean anyone who is offended and can afford a blood-sucking attorney (if you have any questions in this regard see the movie “Devil’s Advocate”. I was unhappy to see this article cause it is a lean in that direction. Not that the article was ill written or the women smacked of Concubine pleasures but it was just out of place for my place of solace.

I have always been forthright and honest with every woman I have dated since I was 19 and I have to say, “nice guys finish last” and women CANNOT HANDLE THE TRUTH. Now I do not try anymore at all. It is a take it or leave it proposition now. The bottom line is if you have to change for a woman she is not worth it. Meaning, if a person has to alter who they are so a woman can be comfortable it is only a matter of time before the real person comes out. That is why I have always just been straight up about what I want when I want it and more often than not I GET IT.

In conclusion, I hope not to see any touchy feely crap on this site. I can appreciate women but I would rather not ……………… on this site. Next thing you know we will be writing about the benefits of a cycle of Estrogen on T-mag.