Gains from ZMA?

Aside from improving sleep quality, what are the benefits of ZMA? I’ve heard that it increases testosterone (up to 30%), but does this increase translate to real gains in strength and or lean mass? I want some real feedback because I refuse to believe something just because Balco Labs tells me its true. Thanks fellas.

It’s possible to be deficient in zinc. And if
so, you’d notice a significant improvement
with a good zinc supplement, but not something that kept on going month after month or anything. Certainly, if you have such a deficiency it should be corrected.

A lot of supplement products already have
lots of zinc. If let’s say you’re consuming
supplements already having 200% the RDA
of zinc, and especially if you eat red
meat too, I’d forget ZMA… if anything
you may be overloaded on zinc already.

On the other hand, if you consume no
or little supplemental zinc, train hard,
and don’t eat such large amounts of
red meat, it’s highly likely you’d benefit
from ZMA or another good zinc supplement.

Tito, just from personal experience, I can tell you that after taking ZMA for a week or two, I had noticeable gains in strength. I also felt like I was sleeping better. I guess these types of effects might only apply to people who were deficient in zinc or magnesium, but I also remember reading somewhere (maybe something by Poliquin?) that many athletes are deficient in one or the other.

when i took zma- more restful sleep, no real strength gains.