Frozen vs. Fresh

How much difference is there in the nutritional value of fresh fruits and vegetables versus the frozen ones available in supermarkets? I ask because keeping frozen ones around seems to be the only cost effective way to increase their role in my diet.

I have read from different sources (including the book “Foods that Heal”) that frozen vegetables are actually more nutritious than fresh. The reason is because many fresh vegetables are picked after they have reached the most nutritious and fresh part of the growth cycle. Then they tend to sit for too long before actually being delivered to the grocery store. So stick with frozen for the most part. They are economical and more nutritious. Save the fresh stuff for those times when you’re really in the mood for some corn on the cob, aspargus or some good, ripe fruit.

FB: Studies have been done that show that the frozen are often nutritionally BETTER than the “fresh” that you get in a supermarket. Why? They are often frozen shortly after cooking or picking, helping to retain a lot of the nutrients. Also, “fresh” vegetables have often been through the mill (shipping, processing, often chemicals) prior to reaching the Supermarket. Frozen is the way to go. IF you are lucky enough to hit a Farmers Market, or fruit/vegetable stand (while in season) those are good too.

Frozen veggies are actualy better because they are picked when they are ripe and then frozen. Fresh veggies are picked before they are ripe so they don’t go bad by the time they get to store shelves.