Friedrich is Beyond 35... Really Beyond

Thirty-five seems rather young to set it as a line of demarcation. But OK! I am here, still working at resistance training. It changes over the years. The why may not be the same at 20 than at 60. Well right now I am leaving behind a volume program to give the Still Living Longer Stronger a try. I’ll be back.


Christmas Day was great. Saw my kids. Talked to my kids. Opened presents. Personally, I do not need anything, but I get practical items now. A replacement glass for my BlendJet, a coffee mug with Sasquatch on the side, a Yeti mug as well.

Then last evening I did day three of Still Living Longer Stronger. My resistance is still increasing since workout one. I do not think I set the original resistance close enough to what it should have been. Thursday should be about spot on.

So it went as such:

Leg Press 10-10-10

Seated Row 10-10-10

Weighted/Glide Board Pull Ups 10-10-10

Palms In Pull Downs 10-10-10

Lying Triceps Extension 10-10-10

Glide Board Inverted Curls 10-10-10

Body Hang 50 seconds

My shoulder was clicking this last week so I held off on dips or shoulder press. I will add one of those Thursday.

Gain strength pretty quick using HIT in its different applications. I will be hitting the weight limit on the glide board relatively soon. So I add bands. I dislike bands, but we do what we do.

Until Thursday!


Dec 28, 2023

I was able to work hard this morning. I started at about 11:00 AM I did a SLLS session. I then added my 20 minute infrared dry sauna. The SLLS went as follows:

Leg Press 10-10-10
Seated Row 10-10-10
Weighted Glide Board Pull Ups 10-10-10
Shoulder Press 10-10-10
Pull Down 10-10-10
Triceps Push Downs 10-10-10
Curls 10-10-10

The complete session took 15:27 (or so)

If sweating helps burn a few calories, why not sauna? Even Peter Attia is a bit on the sauna wagon.

See you Monday!


Well, the first session of 2024. Not bad.

Leg Press, Seated Row, Weighted Glide Board Pull Ups, Shoulder Press, Reverse Grip Pull Downs, Triceps Push Downs, Biceps Curls, hanging by my hands.

Everything was at least 10-10-10, except the pull ups which were 10-6-10. Due to weight limits on the glide board Iam going to have to start adding bands. I am not a fan of the band. But you know…

No resolutions.

Happy New Years!


Ah, the post work nap. Got my session in yesterday. I felt strong.

Leg Press
Seated Row
Reverse Grip Pull Down
Triceps Extension

I quite felt my pectoralis this session while doing dips.

Until next time.


January 6, 2023

I added more sets this week. I was thinking about adding a cable chest press. I will until Tuesday. So on Saturday the following happened:

Leg Press
Seated Row
Shoulder Press
Reverse Grip Pull Downs
Skull Crushers

I did three sets per exercise, up to 12 reps. I have been doing similar workouts for years. They take 20 to 30 minutes.

Until Tuesday!

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Good session this evening:

Leg Press
Seated Row
Reverse Grip Pull Down
Triceps Push Down
Seated Curls
Incline Sit Downs

About 40 minutes

20 minute Sauna

Thursday then!

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My root canal part deaux, yesterday, muffed up my desire to put in a workout. Today, however I gave it a go

Leg Curl 4 sets
Reverse Grip Pull Downs 4 Sets
Dips 4 sets
Seated Curls 3 sets
Skull Crushers 3 sets
Incline Downward Body Curls 2 sets
Body Hang 65 seconds

About 35 minutes total.

Tomorrow, walking, or reflex bag, or both.

Last Monday was my quarterly docs visit for meds for neuropathy. I went through my usual vitals screening. I think we were all surprised. Even with meds my BP is usually 130s/90s. Or higher. Monday was 120s/80s. Heart rate was 62. Oxygen absorption was 97%. I told the nurse she had the wrong body.

It reminded me of a decade+ ago when I had MRSA. I had to visit an infectious disease specialist. My vitals were taken. The nurse walked out. The doc came in, a wonderful woman from Malaysia. There I sat, my jaw so infected I could smell it, and she says, “You must run marathons?”. I think I am going to have half my face removed and she breaks the tension with wanting to know what sport I was involved in. My pulse was fifties/sixties, she thought I was an athlete. I laughed, I told her I just used a home gym. She was a bit surprised, but I promised her.

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I’ve been ridiculously pleased when medical people have guessed that I run. It’s only happened a couple of times and not lately, but it feels good!

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Thank You

Jan 15, 2024

Well, I survived Friday’s blizzard, as it was called. Not tons on snow, but some spots had 50 mph gusts. Not here fortunately. Hats off to plow drivers.


Leg Press
Seated Row
Shoulder Press
Skull Crushers
Incline Body Curls Downward
Body Hang

All was well. Resistance continues to increase. My forearms have improved quite a bit. As well as everywhere else, but my forearms were the first to show improvement.

I do not do a lot of exercises, but I am not sure I need to.


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January 17, 2024

Pretty Basic

Leg Press x 4 sets
Angled Pull Ups x 4 sets
Seated Row x 3 sets
Shoulder Press x 4 sets
Seated Curl x 3 sets
Triceps Push Down x 3 sets
Incline Body Curl Down x 2 sets

I do not normally do that many sets. It is winter and I am bored. I have also been going through Fred Reinfeld’s Complete Chess Course. I am a nerd.


There are other nerds here.
I don’t know if these guys are still playing? @cyclonengineer

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I will see if I can hunt him down. Thank You!

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January 19, 2024

A co teacher just irritated the scheisse out of me in a staff meeting today, I called him a dick. We will see where that takes me on Monday.

Aside from that, tonight’s session was good. Again, more volume, but I am tolerating it, sets, reps, resistance keep increasing. When that slows significantly I will work more on HIT/Super Slow. But right now I am in a good place.

Anyway I completed the following:

Leg Press: 1 heavy set
Seated Row: 4x 15, 1x10
Shoulder Press: 4x15
Inverted Biceps Curl: 4x15
Skull Crushers: 4x15
Head Down Curl Downs
Hanging by hands 75 secs…

Monday Then!

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It is Monday. 1.22.24

Here what went down:

Leg Curls 3x10

Super Set:
Dips 4x15
Angled Pull Ups 4x10

Pull Over 3x10
Curls 4x12
Skull Crushers 4x10
Inverted Body Curl 3 sets
Body Hang 1:20 Min

All went well. Twenty minute sauna…

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Weds 01.24.24

I felt like poo before my session. I got it done regardless:

Leg Press x 4 Sets
Seated Row 4x15
Shoulder Press 4x15
Curls 3x11
Skull Crushers 4x12
Downward Body Curl 1x30

20 min dry sauna

I have an umbilical hernia, which is uncomfortable. But, it is not debilitating. The area felt weak last night. An hour before my session I was just unapping on the couch when my Alsatian, wanting to play, pushed his nose into my belly button. That got my attention. Just something else waiting to get fixed.

Other than my abdominals everything else felt strong. Have a good Thursday!

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Friday January 26, 2023

Leg Curl x 4
Dips x 4
Reverse Grip Pull Down x 4
Skull Crushers x 3
Curls x 3

No sauna

Shoulder felt good, stronger.

Monday is next

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Monday has come and gone. I think with a M-W-F or T-Th-S schedule the week goes by quicker. Each workout is something to look forward to.


Leg Press 4 sets
Seated Row 4 sets
Shoulder Press 4 sets
Seated Curl 4 sets
Triceps Push Down 4 sets
Incline Body Curl 2 sets
Dead Hang 1:30 min

20 min sauna

Tonight went well. My shoulder felt good. I might add side lateral raises, the original source of the shoulder issue. We will see.

See you Wednesday.

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Wednesday (workout day) 1.31.24

Leg Curl 4 sets
Seated Row 4 sets
Shoulder Press 4 sets
Seated Curl 4 sets
Triceps Push Down 4 sets
Decline Body Curl 4 sets
Dead Hang 1 minute 35 seconds

I must confess, on the decline body curls I have to start with my head at the top of the incline board and curl my body down. Not as impressive as going up. I have an umbilical hernia, and that condition where it looks like, during the body curl, the Alien is pushing out of my stomach. I still get abdominal flexion, but not like heading up. I try keep that abdominal wall as strong as I can.

My shoulder has been popping. That has not, however, interfered with my dips or shoulder press. And my shoulder is getting stronger. Well both are.

Friday is “super-set” day with pull down and dips. I am going to add an arm super-set, dumbbells curls and skull crushers? We will see.

Anyway, I turn 60 at the end of the month and Denny’s is already sending me Birthday wishes. I guess I should start taking the Imodium now.

See you tomorrow.

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