Frank Zane's stats

Does anybody know what Zane’s measurements were when he competed @ 185#?

I think his arms were no bigger than 17 or 18 inches,… which if you think of the overall condition he sported, is actually f*cking awsome (just seems tiny by todays freaks). I know Mentzers arms maxed at 18 3/4, and he was much larger than Zane.

This is a little off of the original thread, but I was pretty amazed at some of the poundages Zane lists in his book. Essentially, it’s a training log over several years with poems, pictures, etc. I couldn’t believe that he could pack so much size on such a small frame with such light weights. For example, he used 185 for 15 reps in the squat, and pyramided up to 8 reps of 180 in the barbell row. I can only assume that he paid specific attention to tempo. Also, he used to bike 20 miles every other day. Then again, I only flipped through a few workouts. Anyone else see this?

This is a really interesting topic. I don’t know anything about Zane, but it was interesting to hear that Mentzer’s arms peaked at 18 3/4! They were huge, even if he was short. Puts a new perspective on all those who claim to have 18+ inch arms…

Can this be right? If so, he was a genetic freak. Sounds like he did everything wrong and still gained muscle. Anything in there about gear?


I remember reading in one of these fifteen minute ab books that Zane had a whole mess of slow twitch muscle fibers and did an insane number of reps especially on abs. He probably had some really low poundages but I’m sure he had some crazy endurance.

That’s why I always liked Zane. He truly looked at bodybuilding as as much a science as a sport. Not only that, but he came across as an intelligent man who would be successful after leaving the stage. In other words, he wasn’t a raving psycho who drank his own piss like Mentzer. Most of all, I admire the fact that Zane determined what was necessary to win, and acted accordingly by playing to his strengths. I remember reading an Arnold quote that Zane should have only been about 140 at his height, and to get to 180 and above was incredible. Rather than try to outbulk everyone, he relied on symmetry and definition.

For more information about Frank Zane, do a search on yahoo for Frank Zane. It will give you his website and another site that has some of his stats.