For Bill Roberts!!

I have a question for Bill Roberts or Brock. I am on testosterone replacement 250mg once every 10 day.I wanted to try androsol to put on 10 pounds of lean mass. I wonder if it is okay to use the androsol or would this just compete for the same receptor sites as the testosterone injections?
I talked to James at Biotest about this and he thought this was the case, whats your opinion on this?

No, the Androsol will definitely add quite a bit to the
testosterone you are already taking. Even if Androsol
were an androgen which worked mostly by the androgen
receptor (I don’t think it is, but rather works mostly
by other means) at 250 mg per 10 days you are nowhere near
saturating the androgen receptor with the testosterone
you are now taking.

It would be like saying, no point in taking another 250
mg of testosterone because it would just be competing
with the first 250 mg. Not true for testosterone, and
even less true I think for Androsol.

Testosterone is a class I steroid, Androsol is a class II steroid. They do not compete for the same receptor sites but work better combined. Go for it.

I’m not Bill Roberts or Brock but I know they have said that Androsol(4-AD) in its unconverted state doesn’t bind tightly to the androgen receptor and works by a different mechanism, similar to D-bol…so yes theoretically I would think this would be a good combination for you.

I believe that they have already answered this. Testosterone is a “class I” steroid which binds to the androgen receptors. Androstenediol, like Dianabol, is a “class II” steroid which seems to work without binding to the androgen receptor. So yes, you will get additional benefits if you stack Androsol with Testosterone.