For Bill Roberts: Ready to Grow

Tell me, Bill, are there any signs that the body is ready to grow, physical, clinical, intuitive or otherwise? Is it merely the passing of a period when it hasn’t grown? Generally how long do such non-growth interludes need to be? How many growth spurts might a body manage in, say, a year? I know genetics and numberless other factors prohibit an exact response, but I’d really value your thoughts on the subject. I’d never heard it discussed much in training literature, but as soon as you mentioned it, it perfectly agreed with my own experience over the years.

This is something I’ve never been able
to really puzzle out, though it’s definitely
the case that recent substantial growth
makes further growth slower or less likely;
changing volume is helpful (can be either
high going to low or vice versa); and emphasizing eccentrics, when they had not
been so emphasized when not growing, helps.
Plus nutrition and rest of course.