Football Eligibility

Article 14.2 Seasons of Competition
I attended a school with no football program and graduated with a degree.If I wanted to go back to school and try and play football do you think it would be possible to put together a strong enough case legally to petition the NCAA executive committee for an exemption. These rules punish people for learning whereas a person not enrolled in any school can sit out two or three years working and lifting and then enroll with five years eligibility. They are larger, stronger, and more mature. This is more of a competitive advantage than my situation no matter how you look at it.

jrock: The LAST thing you want to do is put the NCAA on the defensive. DON’T think “legal” first and DON’T support your position by telling the NCAA that “…hey…you allow OTHER guys to do THIS!..”.

That being said…sit down and talk with a Division 1 School’s NCAA rules and Regulations Coach/Director (You will find them in ALL Division 1 Schools, and SOME Division 2 and 3). They will also often wear different hats and be called different things by different schools. Then…if he or she thinks you may have a good case, work out the specifics with one of the Graduate assisstants. (These “rules” Coaches usually have their hands full just making sure the kids they ARE responsible for aren’t taking money, gifts, kickbacks, and banging girls from the local Jr. High). Hope this advice is at least a start. GOOD LUCK!