Flaxseeds.. Pestel & Morter, no go?

Water from a stone? Oil from these seeds. I dont think buying a coffee grinder just to grind these seeds is the best idea. Pestel and morter no go? How do i extract the oil form these seeds? A friend of mine just sent me a pound and a half of organic flaxseeds. How about just munching on a tblspoon at a time? …

Throw some in cereal. You can eat the whole seed, you know.

You can eat them, yes, but what’s the matter with a coffee grinder? More efficient. A pestel and morteris definitely an option, but I don’t think you’ll beat the efficiency of a coffee grinder.

Grind them, refrigerate, sprinkle on foods.

I actually put them on my spinach salads a few days a week. It’s not my favorite meal, but it does work.

Dose / portion per meal?

for a 4000cal bulking diet, how much flaxseed should i be eatin? Im thinking about a tblspoon of whole seed3 times a day. Way off?

Thanks for suggestions by the way.