Flax vs. udo

I am on massive eating and running out of flax seed at the moment. Can i replace it with udo’s oil?

i would think so. in fact, it’s prolly better anyway.

You’ll thrive if you do !!
Think of UDO’S oil as high octane flax oil . .

i remember seeing something on T-mag a while back about flax being estrogenic (it has some of those phytonutrients). I also saw something on the supertraining egroup about the bad effects of flax during prostate cancer-- some study (if it is estrogenic that would make sense). I am starting to think that fish oils, udo’s or hemp oil would be better than flax.

Thank’s anyone!

It’s that last time in the forum someone said that flax is better when you want to lose fat and udo is for mass gains.
From now, i will be using udo’s then…

Thank you all