Flax Seed Oil - Big Bottle

Got a guick question. i consume about 2-3 tbsp of Flax seed oil a day, and i have been for quite some time now, but i can only find it in 16 and 32 oz containers…has anyone come across a larger container. It would be appreciated if anyone can help. thanks.

It is unlikely that you will find quality flaxseed oil in larger containers. Why? Because the stuff goes rancid VERY fast and it must be used up within 4 weeks once you open the bottle (assuming that you keep it in the fridge). If you kept it in the freezer (it would defrost and become liquid in minutes) then it would probably keep much longer. I would not take more then 3 tablespoons per day for long periods of time or you will create a fatty acid imbalance

Latley i have backed off the oil, and have been grinding my own flax seeds in a coffee grinder. I just sprinkle a tsp on something like yogurt. Anyhow the seeds come in a pretty big bag.