Flax oil in liquid form

What is the liquid form of flax oil that you guys use, i want to do the fat fast diet by brock and i am trying to find the besting tasting oil out there. does anyone know what brock used in his diet. i coulnd’t find it anywhere. thanks.

I don’t know, they all pretty much taste like arse but the one I have found to be the most tolerable is Enzymatic Therapy’s Dr’s Choice Flax Oil Plus, which has flax, borage and evening primrose if memory serves me correctly. I don’t know which one Brock used.

Hey man I am personally on the fat fast diet now. And let me tell you no oil taste good. I found a away around this by mixing my tablespoon of flax or really what ever oil u can find as long is it has only 120 cals and a lot of fat like 14grams per tablespoon in with my protien shake. Oh and if you are looking for a no carb protien shake check max muscle MAX PRO, it is good. I like Chocolate myself. I will give you another helpful hint I just found out about. You might want to incorporate Methoxy 7 too because it does help you lose weight. But the big tip is to check out Carles Polquins Manly weight loss. It provides some really killer workouts that as he says can provide you with .5% body fat loss a week without changng your diet. I have been on the fat fast for 17 days and I have lost 10 lbs and boy does it feel great. Good luck and stick it out man it is well worth it. After your done email me I would love to hear your results.

My favorite brand is Barlean’s

Flora makes a great quality Flax Oil, as they also produce Dr. Udos Perfect Oil Blend. As far as tasting, they all taste horrible!!!

In the Fat Fast article Brock says he used GNC’s flax seed oil. I get mine at vitamin world (10.99 for 16oz as opposed to gnc’s 10.99 for 12oz). They taste exactly the same. You could probably find different brands online (and cheaper) if you feel like waiting for it to be shipped to you. I don’t see any reason you couldn’t use Udo’s choice oil if you wanted to, it isn’t only flaxseed oil, but it tastes pretty good.

I am using Udo’s CHoice for fat fast. It does have more in it than just flax oil, but it is seeming to do the trick. If you put them in a shake they will all pretty much taste the same though.