fish oil amounts...

When talking about how much fish oil to take daily (epa/dha), I usually read 3 - 10 grams as a good amount. But is this 3 - 10 grams of each or 3 - 10 grams combined epa/dha? Can anyone shed some light on this? Thanks gang.

John Berardi told me at least six grams combined.

It is combined EPA/DHA, but the figure is 6-10 grams.

does anyone ever take fish oil and keep burping it up during the day or after they got to bed.
It sucks. Is there anything you can do about it?

If you eat it right before the meal it probably wont happen.

Myself and others have experienced fish oil repeating on us when commencing supplementation,but the effect usually disappears within a week.If for some reason it persists,you can get reflux-free fish oil caps (here in Australia anyway).