First Date Ideas

I remember a while back, Nate Dogg started a thread on this. I couldn’t find it in the search engine though. Anyway, I plan to take a hottie out, and if the weather permits, it will be something outdoors. There are places I know she will enjoy for sure. But what if it is raining the day I take her out. You guys have any ideas what I can do that are indoors? I want to try to avoid the dinner and movie thing. I remember Brock’s post, but I don’t have a gun. So I won’t be able to take her out shooting. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks guys.

Can you rent a couple of horse for a few
hours? Get two older mares and do some
trail riding (spend 45-60 minutes “practicing”
in a corral first). Go 20-30 minutes into
the train, find a field, set up a picnic.
This is a great first date. Do not forget
flowers (not roses though, try daisies).

Indoors? How does indoor go-karting sound?


Take her out. If it rains, it rains. Just be prepared with a collapsible umbrella. That way, if it starts pouring, she’ll have to snuggle in close. You’ll be her savior. Trust me on this one. For an indoor date, I like museums and art galleries (depending on the woman, of course). This makes it easy to engage her in conversation as there will be plenty to talk about. By all means, avoid the dreaded “dinner and a movie” cliche. No opportunity for conversation, no creativity, and if she gets bored by the movie, you have to work twice as hard to salvage the date. Oh, and one last thing, Brock was spot on about the flowers. NO roses! For most women, that’s too much, too soon, and too needy. Good luck bro.

I am learning much,thanks.

For indoor stuff, I agree with Demo Dick. Museums and art galleries are a good idea. As well as the local theater, do-it-yourself-art places, coffee shops, etc. Hey, there is nothing wrong with renting a movie either. Or just cooking her a home-cooked meal for two!

You know I like active stuff, so I'd suggest a canoe trip, trip to the springs, some frisbee or other activity that can be played by two, a picnic, rock climbing (outdoors or at an indoor gym), bowling, putt-putt, going to the local park to play on the outdoor gym, in-line skating, mountain biking, etc. There are so many possibilities.

I know I suggested more in that old thread. But it wasn’t a thread I started. So I’m not sure if you can find it or not. Just be creative. It’ll all work out in the end!

Come on!!! It is Halloween season!!! Take her to a really good haunted house. She will have her arms wrapped around you the whole time.

That reminds me, I work at a local haunted house! I do it every year. And it’s a total blast. And I usually meet some cuties when I’m there too. As for a date, she’ll definitely want you to hold her tight so nothing jumps out and grabs her!

We get a lot of tough guys who don’t think it’s scary. Then someone usually jumps out and makes them cower! It’s great! I love it!

Nate Dogg the Pyscho - making children cry and giving young girls nightmares since 1998!

Great thread, allthough small. I got a date this weekend with a beautiful babe. One thing for certain is we are getting sushi, but I wasn’t sure what to do after that. She’s been telling me over and over how she wants to see the new movie Training Day, and how she hasn’t been able to see it yet. But I also thought movies were a bad idea for a first date, so I was thinking some miniature golf or bowling, or some other sort of games would be cool. A walk on the beach, yadda yadda.

Haunted house is a good idea too, but our date is during the day, she’s got a family members birthday party in the evening. :frowning: Any other good ideas for dates during the day?

All my plans have been in the evening, or during sunset.

Jake, if she really wants to see a movie, go see the movie! Save the really good date ideas for another day! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. I know I can really count on all of you. I really like Brock’s horseback riding idea. There’s something about horses that can really turn a woman on. I won’t go into detail, but it has to do with the saddle. Get it? There are a lot of horse ranches here, but it might take a while to find one with a trail. I’m not sure if the area I live in has in door go karting, but there’s an indoor rollerskating ring nearby I can take her. That should be fun. Indoor go karting sounds like an awesome idea, and I would take her if there is a place. Matt and Nate, I can definatley take her to a haunted house. That sounds like a good idea, and it’s the perfect time for it. I like the idea of having her get really close to me. Oh man, I’m getting pretty excited thinking about it. Demo Dick, I’m going to remember to bring an umbrella with me just in case we go outdoors. I like the idea of having to be close with her when it rains. I really like all of your ideas because they involve ways where we have to be close with each other. Aww man, I’m really pumped right now in setting a date. I’m gonna do it soon.

My original plan is to take her to these cliffs I know of by the coast. What's cool about these cliffs is they are very high, and right next to the ocean. They invoke a sense of danger when you see how high, and how close you are to the ocean. And if you're not careful, or lean in too forward, that's it. You fall down 100 feet and become shark food! I've been to these cliffs many times, and every time it gets my heart racing. It's that creepy. I once saw little children running around them and getting too close to the edge, and from watching that I almost had a heart attack. I wouldn't want to take her if it's too windy though. It might be too dangerous. But sitting on the edge of a cliff and watching a sunset might be romantic.

I really like the ideas from all of you. I will definately use them for either the first date, or on other dates. I don’t mean to sound sentimental, it’s just that it’s really good to have friends like you posting great ideas of what I can do. Now I have every reason to ask this lady out.
Please, if you have anymore suggestions, let me know. I really like this thread.

Reeshdawg we have some cliffs like that here also called Sunset cliffs. The cool thing is though, that there are some stairs built into the cliffs and you can walk down to where there are like little private beaches. Good for many a dates.

Take her to the movie. Buy a large order of popcorn, punch a hole in the bottom and place it in your “lap.” When she eats enough to discover the surprise, ask if she enjoyed the “butter flavouring.” It will be a first date she’ll never forget!

Ratso, what you just described is called the Greasy Weasel. I could never have the right frame of mind to do this, but with this vitex I’m taking, I’m gearing more towards this idea.

Haunted house sounds cool. Hey, if it rains, you could always use the ol’ question, “Hey, how bout a pizza and a fuck?”

speaking of pick up lines, I can reach to the tag in the back of her sweater, and when she asks me what I’m doing, I’ll say “I was wondering if you’re made in Heaven.”

i hope you haven’t and won’t ever use that pick up line reesh. don’t use them. girls hate them.

Scott, I would never use a pickup line. I actually heard my friend use that one about the made in heaven on a chick, and I was embarrassed to be around him.

From what it looks like, I’m gonna take her to the cliffs if the weather is permitting. Right by the cliffs is a beautiful cove that’s secluded. But if it’s raining, it looks like we’re gonna go indoor rollerskating. I called the only place that offers horseback riding, but they closed their trails–they only keep them open during summer.