First cycle

As it stands right now, im 21 5"5 and 160 pounds at approx. 8 percent bf…i say approx because at last check i was 10% but have dropped a bit of fat since then…I will be honest, I want to be as big as possible, not just to be big, but to compete…I’ve heard so many “ideal” first cycles, but not sure with which one i should go with…I am considering a cycle of sutenon250 shots (one) every 5 days and d-bol tabs in an up/down fashion…my only concern is if this is too potent for a first cycle but if i want to compete,should i go fir it and go pretty hard the first time to take advantage of the first time rule? i have access to pretty much everything…so any adice is appriciated…also…nolvadex in case or clomid all the way through?

Sustanon with D-bol is probably too potent of a stack for a first timer. Especially taking your bodyweight into concern (160 lbs?) Some will tell you to go ahead and do it anyway though…read all the info you can, then make up your mind.

Given your goals I would be looking at a gram per week of total steroids. If you are using aromatizable steroids – testosterone and Dianabol being the most common ones – then using Clomid or Nolvadex will help prevent gyno. Testosterone by itself can be used with good results, or if you want to use synthetics, use a “stack” that has been proven to work well. For example, Deca or Primo to get high activity at your androgen receptors, together with Dianabol or Anadrol to get high non-androgen-receptor-mediated activity. Personally it does seem to me that you can substitute Androsol (1 gram per day) for Dianabol (50 mg/day) and get the same result but without the aromatization and without the 17-alkylation toxicity. But you can certainly get great results from the Dianabol as well as a stack with something like Deca or Primo.

I did a cycle of Dbol and Sus, just like the one you are referring to but my dosages weren’t as high as the dosages Bill is referring to. I gained approximately 20 pounds of LBM and my body fat only went up 2% (I was at 7% and went up to 9%). I have a supper high metabolism though and prior to the cycle did a lot of running which is why my BF started out so low. Definitely take Nolva, Clomid or Arimadex like Bill said. The combination of the 2 drugs set me up for a case of gyno. I figured I didn’t need to spend the extra money on an anti-estrogen… wish I had.

Oh, BTW, if you are using Clomid, there is no need to use Nolvadex… they are very similar drugs that work in the same way, at the same receptor. (For some reason though Clomid works better for restoring natural testosterone production, but, at 2-3 times the dose of Nolvadex, works equally well against gyno.)

I am of the “duchaine philosophy” in that if this is
your first cycle, use as MUCH testosterone as you can
afford to buy (with Clomid). See my Gramabol cycle.
You could add in dbol or whatever but in reality, a
gram of plain old cypionate will do the trick quite well.