I’m getting ready to do my first cycle… a brief 2 on/ 4 off split. My plan looks something like:

Day 1: 500 mg Test. Cyp., 35mg D-bol, 50 mg clomid

Days 2-14:35mg D-bol, 50 mg clomid

Days 15-35: 50mg clomid

I have several questions (feel free to answer any or all):

  1. Does this sound like too much/too little for a first timer (5’10", age 24, ~175, ~12%b.f., lifting on and off for 8 years, regularly for the past 1.5 years)? I have more cyp. if a second injection day would be advisable.

  2. Re: clomid. The stuff I have is blue/white caps, (about the size of a claratin-D, for you allergy sufferers). My question, (and I’ll post more detailed info once I’m at home and have it in front of me) is how many mg are these caps? 25 or 50. (and if each one is 50, should I take it in the AM or PM?)

  3. Milk thistle. I plan to use this stuff while using the d-bol. How much per day and are there any quality differences among brands?



since it your first cycle then i would rather take a 8 weeks cycle, the following is for one week.

2 deca durobolin

1 omnadren

2 Primobolan

After 2 weeks start to eat Nolvadex one every 3 days.

good luck

You don’t necessarily have to do an 8 week cycle since its your first time. However, you might receive more gains from doing 8 weeks straight. You didn’t say how much lbm you wanted to gain so its hard to tell you which road to take. With your current plan, I would swap the test cyp. for test suspension or test. propionate, or anything that is a short acting injectable. Your clomid and dbol dosages look good to me. Good luck with your cycle.

In my opinion you should be seriously lifting for 5 years before you consider using illegal anabolics, this way you have plenty of time to figure out what type of training and diet work best for you. If you begin using to early you won’t be able to perfect these methods.

Educate yourself on all anabolic androgenic steroids before using them. Read all the books you can and visit every steroid website. That way you won’t be depending on one person’s advice but you can form your own opinions on AAS’s. First and formost you should learn how to determine wich steroids are legitamit, and those that are fakes.