(Rant mode on)This is in response to another onliner ,you know who you are, My answer to your question had absoluletly nothing to do with ignorance and every thing to do with frustration, the simple fact is that quite a few posts have come on here with totally inadequate informantion, Brock even asked politely, several weeks ago if people with specific question would give specifics about themselves, if you do not give enough information about your work out, and just what the hell is a 8 rep program, then it cannot be answered properly, and is then a waste of space. Now there are quite a few knowledgeable people who follow this message board but if you want help then you have to ask the right question and the complete question. (Rant mode off)

Agrees with Nate 100% Any posters should first review the information in the articles…they are usually written far more comprehensivly and by more educated people (no disrespect to posters intended)than we are (including myself) If I see one more “How do I get big” I am 5’5" and 125 pounds and want to get huge…please help post…I will scream. If I see one more "This is my workout…but I am not growing " post…I will scream…ITS YOUR DIET STUPID!! or “Will tribex…or andro…or nandro…or whatever…make me HUGE?” question I will just turn off my computer. This forum is for those who understand that growing involves Workout, Rest, and DIET (including supplements). And all 3 should be in the post…AFTER reviewing the articles on T-mag. Any post I have placed is always after I have searched t-mag pretty thoroughly or else I am just looking for peoples experience after trying something posted in T-mag. NEWBIES get with the program!!! Peace all!!!

hey nate, I work out with weights, is that enough to get me huge?!

Hiy Nate I am work out wiht dumbells or sometimes with a barbell. Do you nkow how flex wheeler splits his wokr out on and off season (semi-obscure reference) and should I take power drive if I was born positive tox? tkhanks.

-I fergot