Here’s a question I’ve had rattling around my head for a while that I don’t
think I’ve seen in the mag or the forum: let’s say I could get TA or Parabolan…coudn’t
I just mix either one with andro and or nandro for finasol? And if I could
do this, how much TA/Parabolan would I want to add?

I too am very interested in this as I “may” have access to the GAC 20ml bottles that Brock has talked about, I’ve really got to get ahold of my buddy!!

If you have an oil based preparation already
that you feel is safe enough to inject, then
you would want to inject it, not mix it with
alcohol and spray it.

Two reasons: even under the best of circumstances, injection is going to give you
at least twice the efficiency and more likely
many times.

Second, the oil you would be adding to the
alcohol solution would result in poor bonding
of the steroid to the skin.

Also, Parabolan would be especially inappropriate because the long chain ester
would probably dramatically reduce delivery through the skin. Besides this, real Parabolan
does not, I think, exist anymore, except
in personal stashes and the like of people
who have been in this for years. And even
then, very uncommon.