Finasol/Androsol Results

Using 70 spays of Androsol and 14 sprays of Finasol twice daily I went from 162 to 171 in two weeks. Not bad for a vegitarian.

Got about the same gains off it too. My skin cleared up alot too (on just androsol I broke out). Makes you crazy horny all the time though. You gonna stack it with anything next time around?

What kind of strength gains are you guys seeing using this stuff?

I stacked Androsol & Finisol and man this stuff rocks ! I break out with zits right after I stop the Androsol ONLY cycles,but with Finisol added this time nada,none. My strength has went up(15lbs on bench) but lean mass gains & getting ripped while I’m pigging out is simply incredible!!

25lb increase in bench and power clean in two weeks. Definately alot of hardness. Thinking of stacking the finasol with 25mg anadrol and 100mg winny ED next time, since the fina and winny might cut down on some of the water bloating issues of anadrol.

I not going to do anything different except stay on for 3-4 weeks at the same spray protocol. An order of clomid is on the way.
What I find interesting is that I gained four pounds after I stopped and my strenght was still good.