Mixed 8 grams of finaplix into 160ml of alcohol
last night, disolved quite nicely. Pour off the solution into a Androsol bottle and sprayed up this morning: 14 sprays of Finasol solution + 70 sprays of Androsol, will do this twice daily. Will post results after two weeks.

I started last Friday. I’m doing 10 of finasol, twice a day, plus 50 sprays of androsol, twice a day. I too will keep ya’ll posted.
P.S. Does anybody think we should stop talking so much about fina to prevent it from possibly getting pulled from shelves, or do you think this board is too small to have any effect?

I wonder how long it will be readily available, but you have to think sooner or later someone will wise up and pull the plug, until then spray up!