I have a couple of questions about the whole Finaplex/Androsol topic going around.

1.Is it completely legal to buy Finaplix cattle injections through the mail? Even if you don't have cattle? Can anyone with any type of legal background answer that? Hypothetically: If you buy them and a month later the DEA shows up at your door and asks about it what do you say? Can you just tell them I threw them out?

2.If someone was to buy it. What the best way to use them in Androsol? How much to use? How longto use? How long to disolve?

Not to be rude, but the search engines here and at the T-mag site are very useful creations. Try one before you post.

Can you please send more information on this product. Thank you.

What product are you talking about, vic? Androsol is a Biotest prohormone. Click on the supplements pictured at the top of the page for info. Finaplix is a cattle implant, a steroid, that’s illegal for humans to use (although it’s not really illegal to purchase.)

Not to be rude to you Paul, but I do know how to use the search engines and I have used them and I have not found the answers to the specific questions I asked. If you think you do know where these specific answers are please provide me with the issue# and article.

Finaplix is a implant. It is not illegal to buy or, it seems by Louisiana law, to posess. It becomes illegal when it is is used for humans. I don’t believe the dea is going to show up at your door looking for a few carts of fina. They have bigger fish to fry.
As far as finasol, it is better to use 100% isopropyl alcohol in a old androsol bottle rather than androsol. Androsol cost way too much to use as a carrying agent for fina. Then spray on androsol separately.