Few Questions for Beginners

Hi Christan,

Can writte do you and how you work with beginners what programs or methods to use.

Is 3x5 low on volium maybe better doing 3x5+, start lighter with 10 RM 75% to get used on weights and less fatiguing then with 6 RM, instead of deloading 10% when stalling do 5x3?

Is 4 times a week too much volium better to go with 3 times
Workout A
Squats 3x5
Bench press 3x5
Bent over row 3x5
Weighted abs 3x5-8

Workout B
Deficit Deadlift 1x5+
Overhead press alternating (behind neck and millitay press) 3x5
Wighted Chin ups 3x3-5
Weighted Dips 3x3-5
1 kg upper lifts 2 kg lower lifts

for general strength and powerlifting?

I’ll be honest, I don’t really work with beginners.

I don’t really understand what you are saying… I’ll still try to give you an answer:

I don’t think that heavy strength work (5 reps/set or even less) is the way to go for beginners. I don’t like the idea of going heavy before someone has developped solid technique on all the basic lifts and built a muscular foundation.

And unless a “beginner” is interested only in strength and not muscle mass, sets of 5 or less is likely not the best option.

4 is likely fine. But that depends on the content of the workouts

That’s a typical strength set-up. But that set-up is likely better for 3 days a week as you are training much of the same muscles on every day. So 4 days a week would require doing some of these lifts without having properly recovered.

I don’t hate the exercises selection. But a lot of these lifts might not be adequate for beginners. I don’t think true beginners can do weighted pull-ups, weighted dips (heck, most beginners can’t do proper body weight chin-ups and dips).

I don’t like the deficit deadlift in general, much less for beginners. Deficit deadlift should only be done by those with 1) GREAT deadlift technique 2) a lot of hip mobility 3) A very strong core and the capacity to maintain tension in the bottom position.

I’m not a huge fan of the behind the neck press for beginners.

I also find that most beginners (heck, a lot of intermediate) lifters cannot do a proper bent over barbell row and I find it a less than ideal upper back movement because of the high demands on the lower back.

A beginner should not think about powerlifting right away. You need some experience under the bar and a solid technique on the 3 competition lifts before deciding to train for powerlifting.