Female bbing show

I just saw a documentary on BBing (mostly female) by the BBC that was pretty interesting. I knew there was this whole sub-subculture of men into female bb’s but man these guys were really wierd! I wonder what Freud would say about the guys? I know I shouldn’t judge but did any of you guys see this thing?

Look in the backs of some muscle mags and you’ll see all kinds of sleezy ads for “wrestling”, catfights, female domination etc. It’s a fetish. I read somewhere that these female pros wrestle “schmoes” for money and some even cross over into prostitution. After the wrestling match, they usually give their customers a hand job or something. To each his own, but man, those male-looking pros scare the shit out of me! Seeing that would make me lose my hard rather than get one.

What was it you watched? Louis Theroux’s Weird Weekend’s?

Yeah, I think that may have been the program. The narrator’s name was Lou. I didn’t realize it was one of a series of weekend escapades. It looks pretty interesting.

If you thought that was good you should have seen the one where Louis Theroux went to a swinging party! He didn’t know which way to look.