Biography BB piece

Did anyone see the 1 hour documentary on bodybuilding (professional - natural and non tested shows)? It was very interesting, hopefully, they rerun it for more to see.

I assume you’re talking about the one that aired on the Discovery channel. I saw it last night at 12:00. I especially found funny the part about the Weider’s saying, “we basically invented body building.” I only caught the last half hour of it, but it was pretty interesting. Funny thing is, the people producing the show obviously didn’t realize that some of the guys in the ‘natural’ division use roids.

I saw that a few weeks ago. It was a pretty good. they pretty much tried to touch on every aspect of it.

Yeah it was an interesting show, it really got me juiced to work out, pretty inspirational.

I saw it friday night. It was cool to see all the pros working out using shitty form. They are big as fuck though. It was funny to hear Craig Titus say he was just burning interstitial fat. HaHa. that was stupid as shit. I couldnt tell if he was doing dumbell snatches or a lateral raise. Very shitty form. I think the natural white guy was gay. They showed pictures of him when he was a high school wrestler and he didnt look much bigger than he was then. He might need some steeeroids.

I missed it but my mom watched it and thought it was quite good. She thought it was pretty accurate since she’s had to live through both me and my bro’s competitive days. She felt good to know that we werent the only guys out there crazy in the head with competitive dreams. She said that the natural guys were great but the drug guys scared her…that’s a mom for ya! :slight_smile: