Feedback of my workout routine? I'm a beginner

day 1 upperbody I do bodyweight and i only have dumbbells

4 sets of 16 of shrugs each side
4 sets of 12 of pushups
4 sets of 12 of over head press each side
4 sets of 8 of bicep curl each side
4 sets of 8 of lateral raises each side
4 sets of 16 of bench dip
4 sets of 8 of concentration curl each side
4 sets of 12 of rear delt press each side

day 2 core
4 sets of 16 of leg raises
4 sets of 16 of Russian twist each side
2 2 minutes planks
4 sets of 32 of bicycle crunches

day 3 lower body
4 sets of 16 of air squats
4 sets of 8 of Bulgarian split squats
4 sets of 8 of cossack squat
4 set of 8 of jump squat
4 set of 24 calve raises

then i repeat it another time with 2 days of rest

If I only had dumbbells, I would do this program


that looks good but i wanna switch over to bodyweight workout if there is a workout

99% of these posts only post a workout, but not a routine, i.e. program. Coming up with a list of exercises, sets, and reps is maybe 10% of the process (and realistically much less since you will be cycling exercises with most programs anyway). The progression model is just about everything. So this is like posting 3 still images from a film and asking “what do you think of my film?” Make sense?

As far as exercise selection, you are neglecting pretty much your entire back half and just about guaranteed shoulder, knee and postural issues. Every pushing exercise should more or less be balanced with a pulling exercise. You have no pullups or rows, and no hinges or ham/glute isolation work. To compound that, you are doing an f ton of redundant ab work that will work to round you over even more by shortening your hip flexors and abdominal wall. This is all a recipe for rounded shoulders, kyphosis, and lordosis.

It would help if you stated what your goals were. And how much your dumbbells weigh.

Other than that I would say add pullups and you probably need to eat more.