Fat to Fire II in my program

Hey All,

I was just posting this because while I was reviewing FTF II, I found an exercise that I couldn’t find in the archives. During the Muscle Snatch Complex, it says do Straight Bar Shrugs, High Bar Shrugs, and then the Muscle Snatch. I’m fairly certain that straight bar shrugs are simply a shrug where the arms stay locked, and I’m fairly certain that the muscle snatch is just the second pull of a snatch with pure upper body. What I couldn’t find is what the High Bar Shrug is. I’m thinking that it’s similar to either an upright row or a snatch pull w/o the leg drive, but I’m not sure.

Also, I plan on doing a 16 week program consisting of FTF, FTF II, Meltdown I, and TTT. I took about a year out of the game due to school, work, and any other bullshit excuse I can think of, so I’m trying to change that. In the course of that time I went from an average 12% or so to somewhere close to an 18-22% bf. My goal by the end of this cycle is to get down to AT LEAST 12%… does my goal seem acheiveable? Furthermore, Most of those programs don’t recommend a whole lot of hampster cardio (elliptical, bike, ergo rows, etc.). Do you think it would be beneficial to throw in at least 2 days of moderate cardio to accelerate fat loss? I plan on using T-Dawg 2.0 to help me through this ordeal as it has worked in the past.


Based on the pics in the article, I did the high bar shrugs like an upright row.
I did FTF (3 weeks)/OVT (3 weeks)/FTFII (6 weeks)/OVT (3 weeks) and went from ~18% bf to 10% bf over that time. The last 5-6 weeks I actually was staying the same with weight, but dropped 1% bf every 2 weeks! Diet I used a modified T-Dawg. The last I just upped my carbs to about 200 on weight training days and ~150 on GPP days. I also followed JB’s guidelines of eating most of the carbs around my workout and almost no carbs (other than veggies at other time). I did no cardio with the FTF/FTFII - believe me, the rope work and GPP worked for me. I did Rope work/GPP 2-3 times per week while doing OVT.

Hmm, okay, well I’ll keep with the Jump roping, and probably throw in some extra rounds here and there. I see that you used OVT in between, but I really wanted to save OVT to use with ABBH while on a heavy bulking phase once I’m lean again.

Do you think I have a sound template for fat loss? I’ve never had to lose this much fat, but I really want to re-align myself with my goals…