Fat Fast or Meltdown ???

Hi all!!! I know what you’re all saying “not this again”. But Seriously, I’ve done some damage to my system this past 2 weeks. I ate anything and everything! I haven’t seen my gym in 2 weeks. I need to cut some execss fat from my frame. For all of you who have tried both the the FAT FAST and Meltdown Trianing, which have you felt was more effective at dropping the Fat??? One more thing, I see Meltdown has chins in the workout. What if I can only do a couple of them? What do I do in that case?? Help Me! I know I’m not the only one here who partied hard this past holiday season.

If you can only do a few chins, then sub pulldowns or you could knock out as many chins as you can using the prescribed tempo and then jump up and use 3 second eccentric chins to finish the ten reps. Meltdown works great but doing it on a fat fast might produce some terrible workouts due to lack of fuel. Something more moderate like T-Dawg or Don’t Diet may work better. Also if you add something like Methoxy-7 or even Androsol, you could drop a few hundred calories below the recommendations of either T-Dawg or Don’t Diet without losing significant body fat.

Well, one is a diet and the other is a training program so I’m not sure
I get your question. You need a good diet and a good training program. But Meltdown and Fatfast at the same time is a bit extreme. Try Meltdown and T-dawg, as the article suggested.