Fat Fast Foods

I’ve been on the fat fast for two weeks (13lbs lost) and have noticed that I don’t have any energy to lift unless I incorporate some food meals into my diet. Does anybody have any meal suggestions that would fit in the diet’s #'s?

Low carb cottage cheese(3g/100g or LESS) is pure casein, and tastes ok if you mix it with flax and olive oil. I use 100g (18g P, 3g C, .5G F) mixed with 1 tablespoon flax and a teaspoon or two of olive oil. If you add equal it tastes like cheese cake filling. Personally I would use this for all FF meals, with maybe a tablespoon of whey mixed in. Whey by itself is absorbed too quickly and produces a high insulin response

I tried it for about three weeks but only stayed on it during the weekdays and ate healthy but normal food on the weekends. I went from 217 to 205. I included tuna as it was low fat/no carb/high protein. and if particularly starved I ate quaker oatmeal mixed with Grow.

Apollo, how much equal did you use? It sounds great but what do you mean when you say use this for all meals? This dish or just the cottage cheese?