Fast Fat

Could you follow the fast fat using regular foods such as eggs, beef, etc…Has anoyone tried this? Would is be much less effective than drinking protein shakes and flax oil all day?

I would like to know about this as well.

It’s ‘Fat Fast’. Answers: Yes, and No.

I’ve done the diet using just beef, eggs, chicken, etc. 6 full days no carbs, one day of carbing. Worked great for me. Lost 25 lbs one month mostly fat. Had body comp done at beginning and end, to keep tabs on the fat loss. I have to assume I was lucky too, no headaches, extra energy. As far as I am concerned works great.

I’m sorta doing that right now. I’m taking two shakes a day, two cans of tuna, one small hamburger patty (grill about ten at a time, very convienent), the rest in flax. I’m on day four right now, lost eight pounds so far (mostly water weight, but encouraging none the less).
I’m thinking as long as the carbs are zero and the cals are right, it will be just as effective, if not more so, as the psychological factor of eating “real food” seems to curb cravings in and of itself.

I did it last year using only food. Worked very well in terms of losing only fat (15 lbs no muscle!) and quickly 2. Since I haven’t done it as prescibed with only protein powder and flax oil I can’t compare them. I’m getting ready to do it again and will try the shakes this time (for as long as I can hold out).Last year I had scrambled eggs in the AM large can of tuna + extra oil for lunch and red meat (steak or ground beef) for dinner. I stuck to the calorie restriction and the 50% pro/fat ratio (usually by adding flax or olive oil) and have to admit that once ketosis kicked in it wasn’t hard. Of course the MD6 and Androsol helped. If I had the money I would add Surge too.