Fat Fast Diet, I need a verification please

Hello, it’s me again :slight_smile:
I Started a fat fast diet 2 day ago and I would have some help to know if all my diet and my training if OK !
Please go to my page and give me suggestions it :slight_smile:

Thank a lot


Hey Bypo. I just wanted to point out that your intake chart says you are taking 6 tbsp of flax oil for a total of 29 g grams of fat. Actually, you would need only 6 tsp, or 2 tbsp, for 29 g of fat from flax. I wouldn’t want to see you mess up by confusing tsp and tbsp. Good luck!

Good catch, hoser! missed that one myself.

Hey guys - in the first chart showing the meal schedule Byp0 shows 3x 2tsb a day (that is not a typo - he put tsb). Then later on he writes 6tbsp. So Byp0 - are you getting 6 tsp or 6 tbsp - make sure it is 6 tsp as 6 tbsp is a lot more. Salut.

Take 2 vitamins a day. 2-5 tsp. olive oil per day. Looks good!

It’s tsp :slight_smile:

Others suggestion ?

Some questions bro. If you are 170 and 10% bodyfat, why are you dieting? And if you absolutely must diet, why Fat Fast? At 10% you are already lean, not ready for a bodybuilding contest lean, but probably leaner than most. With a little more time and careful manipulation of nutrition, training, and supps, you would decrease bodyfat % just by putting on a few more pounds of muscle! If you ae so worried about losing muscle, try JB’s Don’t Diet strategy! Just my 2 cents, In faith - Matt

It’s because I will look VERY learn and rapidly. I Need a good shape for my trip to Miami (5 January 2002). A very good shape :slight_smile: